Discovery Boulevard

3 Year Old's 

(30 Months - 42 Months)

On the way to Preschool, this program is a perfect building block that’s made to meet the needs of 30 to 42 month old children. As they grow to be independent learners, these children develop the ability to work with others, follow directions, self-regulate, follow routines, and build self-help skills.

Each day, we balance quiet and activities as well as individual and group work. Projects allow children to revisit and build on new ideas, as well as develop a big picture view as they learn concepts within context.


Our interest centers target math, science, literacy, and creativity and also encourage children to make connections across curriculum. This allows teachers to adjust and focus curriculum to help each child begin a positive journey to learning.


Teachers are focused on providing children a safe environment where they can learn, explore and make friendships.

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