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Learning Bridge Way

Early Preschool 

(3 - 4 Years)

For active learners, Preschool is a crucial stop on the journey toward elementary school and future academic success. Active, hands on early childhood learning experiences guide children’s development in key school readiness skills. Children learn at their own pace and each child thrives in their own type of learning environment. Learning Bridge Way Early Preschool is one of two preschools at Academics First. We want to make sure your child is in the correct preschool and that they are in the correct learning environment.


Academics First assesses each child individually, to decide which preschool works best for your child's needs. Learning Bridge Way Early Preschool focuses on hands on learning, more teacher assistance and slower, more visual or auditory learning. Some children just need more time and more assistance than others and this classroom allows them just that.


It is never a good idea to stress a child into learning.  We want your child to love learning for a lifetime. Allowing them to go at a pace that fits their learning style is important. Learning Bridge Way Early Preschool can allow children to grow and thrive in an environment that is set especially for them. The goal for each of our preschools is for children to be able to meet and exceed Kindergarten expectations. Learning Bridge Way Early Preschool allows children to do this at a slower pace.

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