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Learning Nest Parkway


(6 Weeks - 12 Months)

Our Infants Program goes so far beyond regular daycare at Academics First. Babies are made to feel safe, secure, and happy. This class gives warm, caring teachers an opportunity to bond and develop trust with little ones. Teachers work directly with you, the family, to ensure we understand your baby and their needs.

Every infant has particular preferences, rituals and routines, but there’s one thing they all have in common: a need for consistent, responsive caregivers. At Academics First, we don’t try to make infants comply with a daily schedule that is convenient for teachers. Rather, we follow infant’s cues and allow them to eat and sleep on demand. Somewhere between three months and six months of age, most infants begin to develop a more predictable daily rhythm. We provide older infants with a smooth routine that balances active and quiet-play, thereby reducing stressful and abrupt transitions.


Infant activities include tummy time, supported sitting, and free movement all with access to colorful, safe toys. We also do art and music activities such as finger painting, dancing, and musical instruments. Infants go outside every day, as do children in all our programs. Teachers work with each baby individually and assess infants often to ensure we are meeting their needs. Assessments are available any time and we are here to help in whatever way we can. We believe in a team approach and we want to be a part of your babies’ team, to start a love of lifelong learning.

In this classroom, babies will enjoy:

  • Warm, nurturing classroom environments

  • Stimulating activities with educational toys

  • Adaptive curriculum

  • Immersive learning

  • Assessments to ensure our method of teaching

  • Continual communication with parents for continuity

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