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Waddler (Upcoming Winter 2022) Toddler

(12 Months - 24 Months)

This room is the perfect transition from infants to toddlers. Your child will learn to walk and run, sit on chairs at the table for meals and activities and sleep on cots, as well as learn positive social emotional interactions with peers and staff.


Our Waddler teachers and aides have extensive childcare experience. When it comes to taking care of your little one, our staff is equipped with love, patience and childcare experience. From morning drop-off to evening pick-up, we promise to meet your child’s needs and keep them active and engaged. Waddlers participate in music time, art projects, indoor and outdoor playtime, and are introduced to sign language, numbers, letters, shapes, and colors through circle time, and caring interactions.


Daily activities focus on sharing, using words, active moving and interaction with peers and teachers. Our goal is to ready your waddler for toddlers by promoting communication, sharing and basic life skills.

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